Shipping info


So you got to the estimate page and it seems a little high. We thought we should write up something to give you a little insight into how it’s calculated so you can save some cash and hopefully use the calculator to your advantage and get some bang for your buck.

The merchant facility uses a bit of a “catch-all” method to calculate shipping, and it is particularly noticeable when it comes to interstate shipping. The basic calculator calculates each box (up to 25kg including packaging) as $9.23 for customers that live in the Brisbane Metro and $25.96 for those outside Brisbane. 

For value for money, the best thing is to fill those boxes to just below 25kg (don’t forget to add the box into the calculations - which is about 300g for those of you playing the calculating game at home). 

Another thing to consider, some bulkier items are calculated on what the industry calls “volumetric weight” (for maths nerds: (Lcm x Wcm x Hcm)/5000 = Volumetric Weight in kg). Our buckwheat hulls for example, while they only weigh 12kg with the bag, in volumetric weight ((34 x 80 x 45)/5000) they are 24.48kg so they are classed as a 25kg item. Confusing, huh? Sorry about that, dealing with freight can be tricky.

If the courier costs seem a little high and they put you off from supporting our producers, get in touch and we will help you find the cheapest rate. We have amassed a bit of a collection of couriers during our time, so we have learned a thing or two about how to get things from one place to another. 

Want help with shipping? Get in touch