Semolina Organic 12.5kg

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Semolina-Organic-Bulk-Wholegrain Milling-Sovereign Foods-Australian Grown

Semolina Organic 12.5kg

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Slightly coarser than regular flour and a little more golden in colour, semolina is made from

the starchy endosperm (or middle wheat) of durum wheat. It doesn’t contain bran or germ. So called wholewheat semolina would just be coarsely ground wheat grain and not really semolina.

With a sweet, nutty, earthy flavour, it is perfect for additions to bread, making pasta, adding to your pizza base, making semolina pudding, or for a secret tip, add it to your morning porridge to make it even more creamy.

This semolina was supplied to us by the amazing folks at the Wholegrain Milling Company.

Product packed by the producer in a multi-walled paper bag.

Product contains Gluten

Weight: 12.7 kg

Dimensions: 390 mm x 120 mm x 600 mm