Spelt Flour White Stoneground Organic 5kg

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Spelt Flour White Stoneground  Organic 5kg

Spelt Flour White Stoneground Organic 5kg

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An early relative to wheat, spelt is an ancient grain that has a delightful nutty taste and aroma.

This spelt flour has been freshly stoneground from whole Australian grown spelt grain, then sifted to remove the majority of the bran to produce a full flavoured white spelt flour, great for bread and pasta.

Produced by the Wholegrain Milling Co in Gunnedah, NSW.

Product repacked by Sovereign Foods in compostable bags.

Our Bags are made from brown recycled paper and have a 100% natural corn-based compostable biofilm. All you need to do is pop off the label before you put it in your compost (We are looking for a cost-effective compostable solution to our labels). These bags are a good short term but are not completely airtight. When you get your goodies home, be sure to pop your products into a jar and store them in a cool, dry place out of sunlight. You can reuse these bags around the house as a short-term solution to keep things dry and reduce air contact.

Product contains Gluten and packed in a facility that stores and packs products that contain Nuts and Soy

Weight: 5.05 kg

Dimensions: 245 mm x 110 mm x 355 mm