For the best flavour and maximum health benefits, food needs to be fresh. Shorter supply chains mean less time in transit, which is just one of the reasons we only source produce from Australian growers and processors that support Australian producers.

By developing strong relationships with these producers, and buying direct from farm where possible, we can provide you with the highest quality, freshest food possible.


At Sovereign Foods, we make our choices based on fairness. We do this by:

  • Paying fair prices to growers.
  • Supporting farmers that adopt ecologically sustainable farming practices.
  • Adopting a not-for-profit business model to enable maximum returns to local communities.


High quality, fair food must be affordable and accessible to all.

Small-scale, sustainability-focused farming operations often have higher production costs, but if these growers can connect to eaters directly, their produce can be affordable. Our focus is on creating a distribution system and networks that enable this process.

Many people are already making this a reality, operating their own bulk-buying groups, and working together to reduce the additional costs of packaging and retailing.