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Kin Kin Naturals was founded by Felix and Sandy van der Kooij, who started the company in the tiny town of Kin Kin in South East Queensland (they have since moved to Tinbeerwah). Felix used to work as a global formulator for the laundry detergent giant OMO, but the gorgeous unspoiled environment of Kin Kin inspired him to make a change in his lifestyle. His time with OMO gave him the necessary technical expertise to make cleaning products that not only work but are also safe for the natural environment as well as human health.

In 2008, Felix took a year off to formulate what became his Kin Kin Naturals range. It wasn’t too long before the biggest struggle the van der Kooij family had was to keep up with demand, with a growing number of Australian families embracing their cleaning products (our house was amongst them).

The ingredients in the final formulation of Kin Kin Natural’s products were determined by whether or not Felix is happy to ingest them and put them on his children’s skin. This means the products contain no SLS, LAS, alcohol ethoxylate, phosphate and only a fraction of the sodium (‘salt’) level of other brands. Instead of these potentially harmful ingredients, Felix opts for simple, often food-grade, natural ingredients. These include coconut acid, bicarb soda, oxygenated soda, citrate and essential oils.

We sought out Felix in 2011 (before we were Sovereign Foods), when we were looking for cleaning supplies for our local buyer’s group. Felix was kind enough to invite me up to his house to show us around his workshop and gave me an inside look into his operations. We hit it off so well, it is a relationship we at Sovereign Foods still cherish. 

Even now after 14 years, Felix has the enthusiasm to create beautifully effective natural cleaning products. Being surrounded by the beauty of the Sunshine Coast Hinterland surely doesn’t hurt 😉

What's so good about Kin Kin Naturals?

Kin Kin Naturals products contain no ingredients that might be harmful to human health or the environment – no sulphates, phosphates, palm oil or alcohol ethoxylate. Instead, they make their natural cleaning products with simple ingredients like coconut acid, bicarbonate of soda, oxygenated soda, and citrate. They use essential oils for fragrance. Felix keeps his formulations low in sodium salts as well, substituting eco-friendly potassium instead (which is actually good for the soil). All their products are easily biodegradable, even in low-oxygen environments, making them safe for septic and greywater systems. Kin Kin Naturals company take the concept of sustainability to heart. They source their ingredients locally as much as possible, and their highly concentrated products use the minimum of resources for packaging and shipping. Even their production facility is on the same property as their house.

Dishwashing detergents

Kin Kin Naturals makes both liquid and powder dishwashing liquids. The formulation is so pure and gentle that Felix has received feedback from people with sensitive skin that they no longer need to use gloves when washing dishes.

Liquid detergents contain coconut-based surfactants, rainwater, potassium citrate, glycerine and essential oils. 5ml (1tsp) will take care of an entire load of dishes.

Dishwasher powder contains coconut and sugar-based surfactants, cleansing minerals, enzymes and essential oils. Use 15 ml (half dispenser) for a full load of dishes

Laundry Liquids

This range has laundry liquids for regular and delicate clothes, as well as a soaking powder to remove stubborn stains. They’re all suitable for both front and top loading machines.

Laundry liquid - Contains coconut-based surfactants, rainwater, potassium coconut soap, potassium citrate, enzymes and essential oilsYou only need 35 ml (a little over 2 tablespoons) for a full load

Wool and delicates liquid contains coconut-based surfactants, rainwater, potassium citrate and essential oils. Use 20 ml (a little over 1 tablespoon) per load and 5–10 ml per tub for hand washing

Laundry soaker & stain remover contains sodium carbonate (washing soda), sodium percarbonate (oxygen releasing soda), sodium citrate (water softener based on citrus), sodium bicarbonate (baking soda), anionic surfactant and essential oils. Use 1 ¾  tablespoons per load or bucket full of water for soaking

Kin Kin natural cleaning products really are that concentrated (yes you can wash a whole load of laundry with only 1 ¾ tablespoons of laundry liquid). That tiny bit will leave your clothes fresh and clean, with no strong fragrances. The dishwashing soaps cut grease without drying or irritating your hands smelling fresh.

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