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Sion Zivetz has been making soap since 2012, but his intrigue and delight in bubbles and fragrances started long before that.  His journey in soapmaking started in Sri Lanka where he set out to tackle some bigger social, economic and environmental concerns through the humble act of making and teaching soap making.  This quest led Sion to found the social enterprise, Moonshadow Naturals.  Through the act of making soap, Sion found something that was both a creative outlet and a way to bring home something that was both a basic necessity and something that most people use but don’t necessarily make themselves. 

Solshine is an honest, down to earth brand, with all of the products of this labour of love, incorporating elements of nature and formulated to be gentle, nourishing, soothing or stimulating to your skin and your senses.  Every product is made by hand in Sion’s home studio using simple tools and as much as possible, whole, organic ingredients.  Every product is lovingly designed and packed and should evoke something unique as you are.  The soap is fresh, fragrant and feels great because of the ingredients, the expert formulation and years of experience that have been used as a foundation to bring forward Sion’s brand and its offerings.

Sion does not believe that luxury needs to be fancy or overly expensive.  We all need a little reprieve and for many, the act of bathing is one of the few times we have time to reflect, and be alone with our thoughts. Water alone cleanses and supports renewal, but together with a creamy, lathery, fragrant soap, the bathing routine can set your mood right and leave you feeling refreshed in your own skin

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