Bellevue Orchard

The family owned apple orchard, Bellevue, supply Sovereign Foods with our delicious apple cider vinegar and has been supplying fresh apples and pears to markets and grocers around Australia since 1952.

Originally the orchard was planted by William E Lowe in the 1920s. Then sometime during the second world war it was purchased by a steel factory called Diecasters.

The steel factory used to send their workers to the orchard to take in some fresh air and enjoy time away from the industrial, grubby surrounds of the factory to pick fruit.  The pickers’ huts from all those years ago can still be spotted hiding up the back of the property and could definitely tell a yarn or two.

Bellevue Orchard was first bought into the family by Angelo Russo and his brothers after they purchased the property in the early 50's. 

In 1977 Angelo’s sons, Robert and Joe purchased the orchard from their uncles and father, they expanded the orchard and planted some newer fruit varieties.  In 1994, Joe’s daughter Bernadette began working on the orchard and later Robert’s son Nicholas joined the team.

Australia Day weekend, January 1998 when an almighty hail storm in the heart of summer hit the orchard and changed the course of the business forever.

The torrential hailstorm ripped through the orchard and devastated the crops only days before it was to be harvested. In order to salvage the crops, it was decided to install an apple juicing plant on the property from pre loved machinery purchased from a friend and salvaged and brought back to life by Robert the company director, a mechanic by trade. Several months of late nights at the orchard and a little imagination later, the storm-kissed fruit was transformed into first class Australian apple juice and the brand Summer Snow was born. 

After making a name for themselves making all Australian juices and ciders, Summer Snow moved into Apple Cider Vinegar. Bellevue have been allowing us to purchases their organic apple cider vinegar in 1000L IBCs to allow us to reduce packaging. 

Beautiful, fruity and zingy, we believe Bellevue's apple cider vinegar is the best in Australia. Hit the button below, to see the different sizes of Apple Cider we stock

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